This is our Goody family tree

Valerie and Charles Goody

A picture of us at Grossglockner, Austria

We have created this website to display our family tree which seems to originate in the Essex and Suffolk area. We have a list of both the surnames GOODY and GOODEY because we have found that there have been many occurrences of mispelling the surnames particularly between GOODY and GOODEY. As you will find in our family history and genealogy the use of both GOODY/GOODEY has occurred between parents and their children. There are many instances of the clergy misspelling the surnames of individual children when there were christenings of large families, of which there were many in those days.

For those of you who have just begun to research your genealogy you may well find that this researching can become obsessive. Those that have been researching their family history for some time will deny this but they are in denial.

If you do not see your surname on the list below you may find it if you click on Unknown Home Page button. In this area there are several family trees that we have not yet been able to link to us but perhaps with your help we can all find that link.

We have obtained our information for our family tree from various sources, ie the family, official government resources on the internet, various local authority archives and parish records. We know that we do not have all the information that we would like and, therefore, if you wish to add to the tree please sign our guestbook.

Where the full name of a person is unknown or we were unable to read it on the records you will find ?????? to indicate this. We will update this site as information is gained.

Surname Index

A   B   C   D   E   F   G   H   I   J   K   L   M   N   O   P   R   S   T   V   W   Y   Unknown

Abbott   Abecasis   Aljabar   Altintas   Amero   Archer   Argent   Armstrong   Arnold   Ashmore   Ayraud   Ayris 

Babbington   Bailes   Bailey   Bangerte   Banham   Bardine   Barnard   Barnes   Barnham   Barrett   Barson   Baulsom   Belinfante   Berressen   Berry   Birkett   Blacker   Blamforth   Bland 

Boom   Bouvier   Bowcock   Bowery   Brandon   Brooks   Brown   Bryant   Bryer   Buckland   Bull   Bullard   Burd   Bush   Butcher 

Caine   Campbell   Candler   Carliell   Carpenter   Carr   Carter   Casey   Causer   Cerzniak   Chaikh   Challice   Chambers   Charlton   Charman   Charrier   Chiverton   Church   Clackett   Clamtree   Clark   Clarke   Clenshaw   Coe   Colclough   Cole   Collier   Cookson   Cornwell   Cowen   Cowley   Cracknell   Crame   Cregan   Crisp   Critcher   Cronin   Cross   Culver 

Daly   Dana   Daniels   Davies   Davis   Davy   Dear   De Castro   Deeks   Demain   De Pass   Dewing   Donovan   Dorer   Doyle   Duller   Duthie   Dwyer 

Easteal   Edmondson   Elliott   Ellis   Ellison   Elsley   Emberson   Escasenza   Evans   Everett   Exley 

Farenden   Farmbrough   Fisher   Fitzgerald   Fitzjohn   Fletcher   Fliss   Florance   Flores   Foggett   Forbes   Foster-Payne   Fowler   Fradkin   Fraley   Francis   Franklin   Freer   Friend   Frost   Froude   Furlong 

Gale   Gardner   Garner   Gattlin   Gayford   Gegan   George   Gibson   Giles-Morris   Golder   Goodey   Goody   Goss   Goulding   Graham   Gray   Green   Greener   Gridley   Gunzburg 

Haldane   Hall   Harrington   Harrod   Hart   Hartshorn   Harvey   Haughton   Hawkins   Hayes   Hazelwood   Heard   Hele Ash   Helps   Hemmings   Hendry   Henson   Hicks   Higgins   Hill   Hogg   Holland   Holloran   Holmes   Holmwood  Honeywell   Hood   Houghton   Huddlestone   Hughes   Hull   Humphrey   Hunt   Hurst   Hutchinson   Hyman 

Ide   Isaacs 

Jackson   Jannusch   Jeffs   Jenkins   Jofeh   Jones   Jordan   Joyce   Jude 

Keep   Kempster   Kendall   Kershaw   Kinnear   Knight 

Lanzoni   Laycock   Leary   Lee   Lerch   Levy   Lloyd   Lock   Lynas   Lyne 

Mabin   MacDougall   Machek   Maclean   Major   Manchip   Manning   Manthei   Marks   Marshall   Martyn   Mason   Mayes   McGowan   McIntyre   McKay   McVeagh   Mead   Mills   Minto   Mitchell   Mizon   Moor   Morton   Mountford   Mundt   Musselwhite 

Napthen   Nardone   Nash   Neville   Newitt   Newton   Nicholls   Nicholson   Nunn 

Olson   Ostberg 

Parker   Partridge   Paul   Percival   Perkins   Perry   Pickett   Pinder   Pinnock   Piper   Pollard   Pooley   Powles   Powling   Protheroe 

Radford   Rayner   Renham   Reynolds   Ridley   Rimmer   Roberts   Rockenbach   Rowe   Russen 

Saint   Sands   Saturley   Saunders   Scarff   Schuman   Scurr   Searle   Secord   Seymour   Sharpe   Sheekey   Sheen   Sheldon   Sheppard   Shine   Shrubb   Siggins   Silvester   Smeeth   Smith   Snider   Somerville   Spiers   Stalley   Stanford   Steadman   Stedman   Sterry   Stokes   Strashun   Strong   Suckling   Sullivan   Sumner   Sutherland   Swanson 

Tabner   Taylor   Tegerdine   Thomas   Thompson   Tomlinson   Trim   Trowman   Tucker   Tunnage   Turp   Tyler 


Waites   Walker   Waller   Ward   Warren   Webb   Webber   Webster   Weightman   Weinbren   Wells   West   Wheaton   Whitlock   Wilkey   Wilkinson   Willey   Williams   Williamson   Wilson   Winn   Wood   Woollard   Wright   Wylie 

Yarwood   Younger