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Location: SCOTLAND
Date: 14.11.2018
Time: 02:51:37


Reply: Thank you for your message. We have some details about the family on our computer. We will contact you by email so that any information you give us will be private.

188 Sharon Qazi

Location: UK
Date: 05.08.2018
Time: 18:27:29

Im happy to have found this site and Im the granddaughter of L Goody and Im happy to share information with you and update ur information as some is incorrect

Reply: Thank you for your message. We would be very grateful for any help that you can give us. We will send you an email with the subject heading Goody Family Tree so that we can be in touch with other directly. We look forward to hearing from you.

187 Donna-Marie Farenden

Date: 26.06.2018
Time: 13:16:18

My mother Doreen Hazel Goody only had two children. Donna-Marie and David Lyne. Doreen had no other children.

Reply: Thank you for your message. We only show two children for Doreen Hazel Goody and are at a loss as to why you have sent this message. Please can you send us a link to the page that shows the incorrect information. Thank you.

186 Rachel

Location: London
Date: 25.06.2018
Time: 16:47:29

Just letting you know that Victor and Amelia Abecasis had a third son - Arthur Philip. He was killed during the First World War on the 9th of April 1917. He is buried in Tigris Lane Cemetery.

185 Donna-Marie Farenden

Date: 15.06.2018
Time: 22:10:38

Just to update as my families details are incomplete and some wrong. I am Donna-Marie not Donna i am Doreen Hazel Goody's daughter. My grandfather Derek Goody died in 2015. My father Melville David Lyne Died 17th June 1995. My brother David Lyne has got 4 Children. Dylan born 2001 Thomas 2002. Jolie-Anne 2006. Abbie-Mae 2007.

Reply: We would like to thank you for your message, it was very kind of you to fill us in and correct the mistake we made.
We are in the process of amending the family tree and you should be able to see it on Sunday afternoon.

184 jayne merrin

Date: 01.03.2018
Time: 13:52:20

By accident I found my name on your site. My parents are L W Merrin and J M Clegg but my father is not the L W Merrin you have here - he does not have 2 brothers. This family of 3 brothers related to your family are my father's cousins.
And.... I was BORN in 1963!

Reply: Thank you very much for your message. We apologise for the errors made and have removed all the family except Lawrence Frederick Merrin and Lillian Rose Goody.
If you would like us to add your family please do not hesitate to send us another message

183 Natasha james

Location: Uk
Date: 01.01.2018
Time: 02:25:23

I have more details for your family tree if you want them. I am george and pamela goody's granddaughter. Send me a message of you want details

Reply: Thank you very much for your message, we would love to have more details for the family tree. We will send you an email with the subject title Goody Family Tree so that you can give us information without it being visible to the whole world. We look forward to hearing from you.

182 Annette Kernahan

Location: UK
Date: 16.11.2017
Time: 04:00:04

Thank-you for your last info on Eliza Ada Goodey (married name Day) Desperate to try and see some photos of her! Can anyone help?? She was born in Southampton in 1883 and died in the New Forest in 1976. She married into a a wealthy Southampton family at the age of 22.Was widowed young and had no children.Her early life was spent at Withed Wood House.She had a sister called Norma and a brother Arthur. See Unknown Connections Name Index in Goodey family tree.

Reply: Thank you for your message. However, we can find no trace of Norma, only Arthur and Ada as being her siblings. Any information you can give us would be very gratefully received.

181 valerie fryer

Location: nottingham
Date: 27.09.2017
Time: 20:11:36

I was just trying to trace family tree.and found this page I am rossa wallices granddaughter my dad was her son frank William linwood hope its a help val fryer

Reply: Thank you for your message.
We would be very grateful if you could give us the exact spelling of your grandmother's name and an idea of when and where she was born.

180 Keith L Goody

Location: UK
Date: 26.09.2017
Time: 13:58:59

I can provide further details relating to my part of the family tree. My Parents were Joyce Margaret Davies and James Goody.

Reply: Thank you very much for your message, we would love to hear from you and will send you an email today.

179 Angela Stedman nee Hall

Location: UK
Date: 26.08.2017
Time: 22:14:14

Re: Vera Rebecca Goody. Vera was my mother she was married to Stanley Tunnage in 1941 divorced around 1949. Stanley was not the father of Angela, Teresa and Dawn. Kenneth John Samuel Hall was. Vera and Kenneth married December 1958ish in Ilford, Essex. Vera died 21st October 2010 aged 86 years in Bury St Edmunds Suffolk. I have much more information if you would like it and would love to hear from you. Margaret Jean McKay nee Goody was my Aunt Vera's younger sister. She was always known to us as Aunt Jean, sadly she died in 2016. I had only just found this out as my Aunt became a recluse and would not keep in contact after Ernie her husband died.

Reply: Thank you very much for your message, we are sorry about the delay in replying to you but we were away on holiday, we would be delighted to receive further information from you and will send you an email immediately.

178 katherine davy

Location: lanzarote
Date: 13.07.2017
Time: 16:24:07

Please note that I am no longer married to Terence Roberts,

Reply: Thank you for the information that you have given us. We have amended the website for you.

177 Emma Jayne Inett

Location: UK
Date: 30.06.2017
Time: 23:22:35

I would like to get in contact with message number 108 Lynda Willis, nee Blatch. My Grandad, Maurice Cox had the same father Leonard Blatch. He was adopted. His Mother Grace Irene Parkins and Leonard had my Grandad, when Leonard was married to Dorothy Goody. My Grandad is 87 and still full of life. He had a great parents. He married, had six Children. He has a large family grandchildren and great grandchildren. We applied for his adoption folder when he was 80. In the folder his father was named and helped pay for his care untill he was adopted at 10 months. We have found two sisters on his Mothers side. I know it will come as a shock. We would love to talk to Lynda and her sister Sarah. I am easy to find as my surname is rare. You can find me on Facebook. Hope to here from you soon. Emma Jayne Inett

Reply: Hello Emma,
Thank you for your message on our guestbook. We are sorry for the delay in replying to you, but we had to contact Lynda before we could give you her email address. She has given us permission to give you her email address. We will send you an email with her email address immediately.
We wish you all the best in your contact with the other part of your family.
Charles and Valerie

176 Lisa Duller

Location: Essex
Date: 30.04.2017
Time: 16:00:34

Just to add that there is now a Freya Winifred Iris Duller born 28/07/2016 to add to your/my info.



Reply: Hello Lisa,
Thank you for your message.
We apologise for not adding Freya earlier, but we have been on holiday.
We have today added Freya to the family tree.

175 Tracey Matthewson

Location: UK
Date: 07.04.2017
Time: 22:58:55

I have found your page researching my own family history and notice you have my Nan and her family listed, however you have some very wrong information regarding her. Edith May Gotts not Mary as listed I am pleased to say did NOT die in Gt Yarmouth in 1990's she lived till she was 85 and died 9 years ago only weeks before the birth of my daughter, I lived with my Grandparents and therefore very close to them, they still remain a part of my every day life, thought you might like to amend your records, many thanks.

Reply: Thank you very much for your message. We are always grateful if we are corrected because we do like to be as accurate as possible.
We will send you an email concerning other matters to do with your family.
Once again, thank you.

174 William Carter

Location: Europe
Date: 05.04.2017
Time: 11:06:23

REF: Daniel Anthony Burd (later McKay) Born August 1963 (as shown on tree). Died 9/2016.

173 Steve Martyr

Location: Essex uk
Date: 21.03.2017
Time: 14:30:08

Hi was wondering if you have any other information on William R Ward and Cristina Ward as they are my 3 xgreat grand parents and on congrats on a well put together site. Many thanks

Reply: Hello Steve,
Thank you for our enquiry, we are sorry we have not replied earlier but we have been on holiday.
We would love to help you but will need a little more information to do so.
Perhaps you can give us an idea of where they lived or childrens names.
We hope that we can help you.
Charles and Valerie

172 Michele

Location: Canada
Date: 03.01.2017
Time: 18:38:23

Hi, I'm a dead end with my husband's grandmother's family. Her name was Ena Grace Goodey born 1921 in Ramsgate, her father was Frederick Goodey and Dorothy Emily nee Wright. I can not find any information past her parents. I believe Frederick was born in 1867, and died in 1952, buried in Margate. I do know Ena had siblings named Keith, Frank, Ruby and Olive.
I hope you can help!

171 Mandy Smith

Location: Somerset
Date: 28.12.2016
Time: 12:13:59

Hi I have just found your website as I believe John Hickford who married Charlotte Goody is my 5 x gt grandad. If this is so they also had a son called James born in Clare in 1794, James had 9 children poss 10, my paternal line comes through his son Stephen born 1839. We have got DNA on Family Tree in my Aunts name.

170 Erin Mcleish

Location: Canada
Date: 03.11.2016
Time: 16:35:20

I am the great-grandaughter of Madge Goody, born in 1888. Let me know if you want any details in the decedents of that line, I should be able to help you out.
Great page, I love it. Amazing research!

Reply: Hello Erin,
Thank you for your message. We would love to receive more information about your family.
We will send you an email so that we can be in direct contact.
We look forward to hearing from you by email.
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