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174 Tracey Matthewson

Location: UK
Date: 07.04.2017
Time: 22:58:55

I have found your page researching my own family history and notice you have my Nan and her family listed, however you have some very wrong information regarding her. Edith May Gotts not Mary as listed I am pleased to say did NOT die in Gt Yarmouth in 1990's she lived till she was 85 and died 9 years ago only weeks before the birth of my daughter, I lived with my Grandparents and therefore very close to them, they still remain a part of my every day life, thought you might like to amend your records, many thanks.

Reply: Thank you very much for your message. We are always grateful if we are corrected because we do like to be as accurate as possible.
We will send you an email concerning other matters to do with your family.
Once again, thank you.

173 William Carter

Location: Europe
Date: 05.04.2017
Time: 11:06:23

REF: Daniel Anthony Burd (later McKay) Born August 1963 (as shown on tree). Died 9/2016.

172 Steve Martyr

Location: Essex uk
Date: 21.03.2017
Time: 14:30:08

Hi was wondering if you have any other information on William R Ward and Cristina Ward as they are my 3 xgreat grand parents and on congrats on a well put together site. Many thanks

Reply: Hello Steve,
Thank you for our enquiry, we are sorry we have not replied earlier but we have been on holiday.
We would love to help you but will need a little more information to do so.
Perhaps you can give us an idea of where they lived or childrens names.
We hope that we can help you.
Charles and Valerie

171 Mandy Smith

Location: Somerset
Date: 28.12.2016
Time: 12:13:59

Hi I have just found your website as I believe John Hickford who married Charlotte Goody is my 5 x gt grandad. If this is so they also had a son called James born in Clare in 1794, James had 9 children poss 10, my paternal line comes through his son Stephen born 1839. We have got DNA on Family Tree in my Aunts name.

170 Erin Mcleish

Location: Canada
Date: 03.11.2016
Time: 16:35:20

I am the great-grandaughter of Madge Goody, born in 1888. Let me know if you want any details in the decedents of that line, I should be able to help you out.
Great page, I love it. Amazing research!

Reply: Hello Erin,
Thank you for your message. We would love to receive more information about your family.
We will send you an email so that we can be in direct contact.
We look forward to hearing from you by email.

169 Lynne Rogers

Location: UK
Date: 26.08.2016
Time: 00:33:37

Rebecca Clenshaw is the 9th of 13 children to Alfred William Clenshaw and Eleanor Jane Finch. Rebecca and Albert Edwin Goody were married on 21st December 1890.
Brilliant website - so much research. Well done!

Reply: Thank you for your message, we have amended the date of marriage.
Thank you for your help, we are always grateful.

168 Andrew Morgan

Date: 04.08.2016
Time: 19:24:18

Chanced upon this website on my grandparents' wedding anniversary (Albert & Melita Morgan). Pleased to see them listed here.

Reply: We are so pleased that you found our website. If you wish we could add their photos to their pages.

167 Annette Kernahan

Location: Herefordshire
Date: 01.08.2016
Time: 16:29:13

Has anyone got any information on Elsie Ada Day and her brother Arthur & Dora. Elsie was married to Charles Francis Shubrick Day in 1905(she was 21&he 66!)in Southampton. The Day family were my predecessors and we would very much like to find out about her. A descendant of Arthur is Roberta H Carling who in 1971 married David E Black. Can anyone Help?? Thank-you

Reply: Hello Annette,
Firstly we would like to apologise for not having answered your query earlier, but we have been on holiday.
If you type "Eliza Ada Goodey" into Google, her name will show at the tope of the page as "Eliza Ada Goodey - Goody Family Tree - Archer, Argent, Hemmings ..."
If you click on the link then you will be taken to her page on our website.
We hope that this will help you and if we can give you any more help we will do our best.
Best wishes
Charles and Valerie Goody

166 Jen and Phil

Location: UK
Date: 30.07.2016
Time: 16:55:11

Great family tree, you've done a lot of research. Really good to meet you both the other day. Such a lovely couple living life to the full.

Reply: It was lovely to meet you both, we have spoken of you often since that day.
Best Wishes
Charles and Valerie

165 Steve webster

Location: London England
Date: 07.05.2016
Time: 17:55:25

I can fill in a lot more detail about the children of Archer Reecy Goody. He had two daughters Jean and Phyllis. I am descended from one of them. Contact me for more details and I can fill in some of the blanks.

Reply: Thank you very much for your message. We will be in touch by email.

164 Lindsay Young

Location: UK
Date: 15.04.2016
Time: 08:19:12

trying to get hold of Jacqueline C Goody. Want to find out info about her mother Jacqueline Kirby and her mothers parents

Reply: Dear Lindsay,
Thank you for your message in our guestbook. We do not have Jacqueline's email address or any way to contact her. However, perhaps we can give you a little bit of assistance.
If you go on the internet and google FreeBMD you can then search for the birth of Jacqueline Kirby between the dates of 1938 and 1944. You may be able to find out the names of Jacqueline Kirby's parents.
We hope that this will help you and wish you the best of luck in your research.
Best Wishes
Charles and Valerie Goody

163 Dorothy Fagg

Location: UK
Date: 11.03.2016
Time: 10:39:08

Hi, this is a long shot but I wondered if you had any further information on Sidney Leonard Frederick Fagg. My father was Leonard Frederick Fagg he disappeared 1922/23 and reappeared in 1940/41 when he married my mother. He had a very chequered history, the main reason I am asking is that he was born only 10 years before your Sidney L F Fagg and he had lost a little brother called Sidney.
Appentley when I was born he wanted to call me Gladys after a little sister he had also lost as a child.
I have had no luck finding out where he was during those missing almost 20 years. I have few clues.
If you want more information I will gladly share what I have, my father was apparently very secretive and obviously didn't always tell the truth. He died when I was 11 years old he was over 20 years older than my mother.
Regards Dorothy Ellen Fagg

Reply: Hello Dorothy,
Firstly, we would like to apologise for not having responded to your message earlier but we have been on holiday.
We have found out some information and have sent you an email as some of the information is sensitive.
Please feel free to come back to us either by email or on this guestbook.
Best wishes
Charles and Valerie Goody

162 William Carter

Location: Europe
Date: 29.02.2016
Time: 16:38:15

REF: Margaret Jean Goody b.30th April 1935. *Died: 11 February 2016 Essex.
Daughter: Is in full: DENISE Jaqueline(?)Carter.

Reply: Thank you very much for informing us of the sad news abut Margaret. We have updated the family tree and corrected your daughter's name as well.
Please pass on our condolences to the rest of the family.

161 C. Fisher

Location: UK
Date: 17.11.2015
Time: 18:48:34

My parents and sister are on your tree. My dad Michael Fisher had a brother Clive and a sister Jane.

Reply: Thank you for your message. We would b e grateful for any help you can give us.

160 Denis Craig Sweeney

Location: Essex
Date: 05.07.2015
Time: 13:27:16

My mother was born Joyce Ada Rita Rose Goody in 1949 and married Michael John Moore in 1971. Michael Vincent Moore was born 1972 and is now know by the surname Sweeney. Sally-Anne Moore (all one first name) was born in 1974. My mother formed a family with Michael Denis Sweeney (born 1935-2009) in 1974. She did not have a family between her marriage and living with my father. I have to further brothers, Daren Matthew Sweeney born 1969 and Martin James Sweeney born 1971. I was born Denis Craig Sweeney in 1979. My name Denis, like my father's has only one 'n'.
Daren Matthew married Janet Carol Putney in 2000. They have two children, Lewis George Sweeney born 1999 and Charlotte Carol born 2003.
My mother's sister, Mary Alice Goody born 1940, married Victor Harrington in 1962. They have two children. Lee Douglas Harrington born 1963 and Amanda Harrington born 1965.
My partner is Alyce Rosina Collier born 1974. I have five step children who are Joshuah David Collier born 1992, Cheyenne Alice Lakota Collier born 1995, twins Jared Robert Collier and Morgan Peter Collier born 1998 and Daisy Eden Collier born 2000. My own daughter Autumn Collier was born 2008.
I have photos of family members I would like to upload to your site but I would also like to have photos of my grandparents and my great grandparents.

Reply: Hello Denis,
Thank you for your message in our guestbook and all the information that you have given us. We will update the website in the next couple of days.
Unfortunately, we are unable to give you copies of the photos because we never pass on photos unless we have permission from the person who gave them to us. We have tried to contact the person who gave them to us but the email address is no longer valid.

159 Catherine Groves

Location: Berkshire
Date: 01.07.2015
Time: 15:36:42

Hi so excited I have found your website, a wealth of information. My grandmother was Rosa Eva Goody born 1906, she died on 5th Feb 1991. The photos you have are amazing, would love some duplicates if that's possible, especially of my great grandparents Rosa Eva Lock and James Abner Goody. Looking forward to showing the site to my 84 year old mum Rosa who was named after her mum and grandmother. Kind regards Catherine

Reply: Hello Catherine,
Thank you for your message in our guestbook.
We are very pleased that you found our website and will show it to your mum.
Unfortunately, we are unable to give you copies of the photos because we never pass on photos unless we have permission from the person who gave them to us. We have tried to contact the person who gave them to us but the email address is no longer valid.

158 Donna-Marie Farenden

Location: United Kingdom
Date: 03.06.2015
Time: 22:37:05

My grandmother Rita Kempster married my Grandad Derek Goody in 1954 She died in September 2013. James is no longer married to Susan Thomas He has a new wife Bernice. John is no longer married to Michelle. My mother Doreen Goody only had two children myself 1981 and my brother David Lewis Lyne in 1977. My mother has divorced Melville David Lyne who subsequently died in 1994. Doreen Married David Alan Ellison but had no more children. My Brother Married Anne Keep and has four children. I married Daniel Farenden and have three sons.

Reply: Thank you very much for your assistance with your family. It is always so helpful when someone contacts us and gives us more information.

157 James Goody

Location: England
Date: 27.04.2015
Time: 16:43:11

Hi, not sure how I stumbled across this family tree but I appear to be on it.
My name is James Antony Goody and I was born on 27/2/72 to my parents John Derek Goody and Yvonne Jeanette Goody (nee Chable) - You have the majority of information about me correct other that one very important point. You have detailed me as having two children with my first wife (Maria Hlywiak) - I certainly didn't have any children with her and to my knowledge she has remarried and had boys not girls. I don't know who the girls that you have as my children are? - Your detail of my children in my second marriage are correct, I have a boy and a girl called Joseph and Jemima. I am interested to know a bit more about how we are related and hope you can correct the error with my family. Thanks and keep up the good work!!

Reply: Thank you for your message. We are very pleased that you managed to find our guestbook.
We are grateful that you were able to correct our mistake and we have corrected this and you will be able to see this on our website.
We do not yet know if we are distantly related but we have put together eleven family trees so far in order to help people researching their trees. We live in the hope that we will find a link between various families.

156 Matt Hilder

Location: England
Date: 26.04.2015
Time: 15:06:16

Stumbled across your site from Googling Dorothy Rose Goody b 1916.
She was my Grandmother and I've been researching the Hilder side of the family but now have the Goody side done for me!
Happy to provide what I know of Dorothy's descendants if you want

Reply: Thank you for your message in the guestbook. We are so pleased that you were able to find information about your grandmother's family from our website.
We would love to receive information about Dorothy and her family.

155 Rose Fraley

Location: England
Date: 26.04.2015
Time: 14:42:14

Hello I am on this family tree i thought you would like to know i have a new son called R oman-Neville Bailey D.O.B 15/03/15 and my sister Jennifer Willey has a new son Leo Jack Brown D.O.B 31/03/13 thanks.

Reply: First of all, Congratulations to you all on the birth of your son Roman-Neville. We really appreciate you letting us know what is happening in your family.
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