Female Rachel Lilian Webb

Rachel was born on July 21st, 1912.

General Notes

Birth was registered between July-Sept 1912 in Bethnal Green Registration District.

Occupation Details

Still researching

Death Notes

Death was registered during December 1997 in Hackney Registration District. Died at the age of 85 in 1997.

Rachel's family with William Thomas Goody

Rachel and William were married in 1931.  They had three sons and five daughters, named Terence, William, Anthony, Margaret, Pearl, Josephine, Jacqueline and Brenda.
Marriage was registered between July-Sept 1931 in Stepney Registration District.


Female Margaret R Goody
Margaret was born in 1931.

Female Pearl M Goody
Pearl was born in 1933.

Male Terence Goody
Terence was born in 1934.

Male William G Goody
William was born in 1935.

Female Josephine L Goody
Josephine was born in 1937.

Female Jacqueline T Goody
Jacqueline was born in 1938.

Female Brenda L Goody
Brenda was born in 1940.

Male Anthony W Goody
Anthony was born in 1942.