Female Ethel Bertha Suckling

Ethel was born on November 22nd, 1924.  Ethel's father was James Suckling and her mother was Mary Ann Elizabeth Cornwell.  Her paternal grandparents were William Suckling and Catherine Jane Scurr. She had a brother and a sister, named James and Mary Ann.  She was the youngest of the three children.

General Notes

Ethel remembers being given sweets by Emma Suckling, her aunt, who owned the shop at 72 Duckett Street, Stepney, London, England.
Some of my memories as a child in Stepney, England are of when I think I would have been about 6 or 7 we used to visit Aunt Emma Goody (nee Suckling) in her little house in Duckett Street.  Her front room was made into a little sweet shop, I loved it, especially when she gave me my favourite toffee which was in large trays. She used to let me break up the toffee for her with a little toffee hammer.  If any children came in for sweets she would let me weigh them out on very old fashioned scales, an ounce or two of whatever took their fancy, then I would pour them out of the scoop into little "poke papers". I was the bees knees helping Aunt Emma. I loved her.

Whenever I was in a temper over something, my Mum used to say" Stop that, you are just like your Aunt Thirza" as it seems that she had a nasty temper.  When we first came to Australia we stayed in one of the migrant huts. There was a tiny kitten stuck between 2 sheets of wall lining in the laundry, Albert (my husband) managed to get her out & Denise (my daughter) and I kept the kitten.  She turned out to be a lovely feline but she had a TEMPER, so guess what I named her, Toots or Tootza as that was Aunt Thirza's nickname.

Ethel and Albert met when Ethel had been evacuated to Wales with her parents during the 2nd World War.
Family still living, all other information private.

Occupation Details

Still researching.

Death Notes

She died at 1.00 pm with her daughter, Denise and husband, Albert by her side after having suffered two strokes and a suspected heart attack.  She and her husband had moved into her daughter's when she suffered the second stroke and heart attack.
We only knew her through our website she was such a lovely lady, her emails were always bright and cheerful with lots of emoticons which always made us smile.  We looked forward to receiving her emails and we will all miss her so much. Died at the age of 83 on June 5th, 2008.

Ethel's family with Albert Edward Warren

         Husband's Pictures
Ethel and Albert were married on October 24th, 1942.  They had a son and a daughter, named Terrance and Denise.
Still living, information private.
Ethel and Albert met when Ethel had been evacuated to Wales with her parents during the 2nd World War.


Male Terrance James Warren
Terrance was born in 1946.

Female Denise Warren
Denise was born in 1952.