Male Kenneth Francis Stokes

Kenneth was born on February 13th, 1947.

General Notes

He was born in Kempsey, Australia on 13th February 1947 and educated at St Joseph's Convent, Kempsey and lived most of his life in Kempsey and Gladstone.
Kenneth and Denise were married on 24th October 1982, five years later Ken had a heart transplant which went well and he lived a full life doing the things he loved which included fishing, camping and family barbecues.  Although he had had a heart transplant it came as a shock when at the age of 52 he began to suffer from renal failure followed by a massive haemorrhage at the age of 55 from which he died on 21st December 2002.
He was a much loved husband and father to Denise and his daughters Jennifer and Kristine by his first wife, Gloria who tragically died at the age of 23 a few months after Kristine was born. He is sorely missed by all his family and friends.

Occupation Details

Machine Operator

Death Notes

He died at home after a massive haemorrhage due to fistula. Died at the age of 55 on December 21st, 2002.

Kenneth's family with Denise Warren

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Kenneth and Denise were married on October 24th, 1982.
Still living, information private.