Female Edith Annie Rowe

Edith was born in 1908.  Edith's father was Sidney Rowe and her mother is Annie Eliza Turp. She had a sister named Gertrude.  She was the younger of the two children.

General Notes

Birth was registered between Jan-Mar 1908 in Sudbury Registration District.
1911 Census shows that she was 3 years of age, born in Bulmer, Essex and living in Bulmer, Suffolk.

Death Notes

Death was registered between Jan-Mar 1996 in Colchester Registration District. Died at the age of 88 in 1996.

Edith's family with Alfred Lancelot H Younger

Edith and Alfred were married in 1930.  They had a daughter named Ruby.
Marriage was registered between April-June 1930 in Sudbury Registration District.


Female Ruby M Younger
Ruby was born in 1931.