Female Joan Fraley

Joan was born in 1930.  Joan's father was Samuel Fraley and her mother was Florence Goody.  Her maternal grandparents were Thomas Daniel Goody and Martha Rosina Hemmings. She had two brothers named John and Samuel.  She is the second oldest of the three children.

General Notes

Still living, information private.

Death Notes

Joan's family with Cyril  Norman Fitzjohn

         Husband's Pictures
Joan and Cyril were married in 1954.  They have three sons named Robin, Samuel and Christopher.
Marriage was registered between Jan-Mar 1954 in Watford Registration District.


Male Robin Norman Fitzjohn
Robin was born in 1955.

Male Samuel Paul Fitzjohn
Samuel was born in 1958.

Male Christopher Fitzjohn
Christopher was born in 1964.