Female Anne Fraley

Anne was born in 1958.  Anne's father was John Fraley and her mother is Vera Priscilla.  Her paternal grandparents were Samuel Fraley and Florence Goody. She had two sisters named Jacqueline and Jane.  She is the second oldest of the three children.

General Notes

Still living, information private.

Death Notes

Anne's first family with Barry Alexander Willey

Anne and Barry were married in 1978.  They have a son and two daughters, named Robert, Jennifer and Jane.
Still living, information private.


Female Jennifer Marie Willey
Jennifer was born in 1979.

Female Jane Elizabeth Willey
Jane was born in 1980.

Male Robert John Willey
Robert was born in 1982.

Anne's second family with Michael Winn

Anne and Michael are married.  They have a daughter named Rose.
Still living, information private.


Female Rose Victoria Fraley
Rose was born in 1991.