Female Alison Dorer

Alison was born in 1968.

General Notes

Still living, information private.

Death Notes

Alison's family with Christopher Fitzjohn

         Husband's Pictures
Alison and Christopher were married in 1997.  They have three sons and three daughters, named Richard, William, Michael, Stacey, Samantha and Jessica.
Still living, information private.


Male Richard David Fitzjohn
Richard was born in 1984.

Female Stacey Fitzjohn
Stacey was born in 1986.

Male William David Fitzjohn
William was born in 1989.

Female Samantha Margaret Fitzjohn
Samantha was born in 1992.

Female Jessica Fitzjohn
Jessica was born in 1998.

Male Michael Cyril Fitzjohn
Michael was born in 1999.