Female Joyce Margaret Davies

Joyce was born on June 7th, 1930.

General Notes

Parish records at the time of her marriage to James show that her father's name was Albert William Davies who was deceased by then.

Death Notes

Death was regisered between Jan-Mar 2001 in Havering Registration District.
She was residing in Dagenham, Essex at the time of her death.
Died at the age of 71 on 1st February 2001.

Joyce's family with James Goody

         Husband's Pictures
Joyce and James were married in 1955.  They had a son named Keith.
Marriage was registered between April- June 1955 in Stepney Registration District.
Parish records show that they were married in Holy Trinity, Morgan Street, Stepney on 25th June 1955.
James was living at 66 Brokesley Street and Joyce at 71 Brokesley Street at the time of their marriage.
The witnesses were J Goody and B H Davies.


Male Keith L Goody
Keith was born in 1964.