Female Daisy Nellie Brown

General Notes

A notice dated 27th August 1943 in the London Gazette states as follows:
NOTICE is hereby given that DAISY NELLIE ABECASIS of 63 Hillfield Court N.W-3, in the county of London natural born British subject.  Wife of Loris Daniel Abecasis intends after the expiration of twenty-one days from the date of publication of this notice to assum the names of Eve Storey in lieu of and in substitution for her present names of Daisy Nellie Abecasis ---- Dated this 25th day of August 1943.
ISADORE GOLDMAN and SON, 17 Burgess Hill Finchley Road,  London, N.W.2,   Solicitors.

Death Notes

Daisy's family with Loris Daniel Abecasis

Daisy and Loris were married in 1935.
Marriage was registered between Oct-Dec 1935 in Paddington Registration District.