Female Sarah Rhoda Bailey

Sarah was born in 1848.

General Notes

Born between April and June 1848 in the Bethnal Green Registration District, London, England.
Daughter of William Bailey who was a cabinet maker at the time of her marriage.  She was a widow as her surname was March when she married William.
1871 Census shows that she was 23 years of age, born in Wapping, Middlesex and living at 1 Westover Street, Mile End Old Town.

Occupation Details

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Death Notes

Death was registered between January and March 1914 in the Mile End Registration District.  The records show her age as 65 years of age. Died at the age of 66 in 1914.

Sarah's family with William Honeywell Goody

Sarah and William were married on September 10th, 1892.
William was married to Sarah Rhoda March in St John Church, Halley Street, Stepney, London, England on 10th September 1892 by Henry Salbold-Cooke.  The witnesses were William George Blake and Elizabeth Saunders.  Sarah was a widow when she married William.  They were both residing at 17 Wilson Street, Stepney at the time of their marriage.  Both Sarah and Elizabeth used X as their mark as they were both illiterate.
As a point of interest Henry Salbold-Cooke also performed the marriage of Elizabeth Ann Goody (William's daughter) in St Paul's Church, Bow Common in 1889.
William died only 2 years after they were married.